Discord Rules:

  1. Don't troll or be an asshole
    Trolling includes spamming, baiting, any intentions on making other people uncomfortable or upset, or even admittance. By inheritance of being a troll you are also an asshole. Moderators will act on anything that serves to insult, disrupt, pick fights, or otherwise offend other users. Moderators will use their best judgement to ensure that our rules are adhered to.

  2. Speak English
    This is an English speaking community. All serious discussions must use English.

  3. Utilize the forums to dispute a ban or mute, not the Discord server
    If you or someone you know has been banned or muted and want to dispute it then you must use the forums. Nothing will change for you or them if you do otherwise. Attempting to dispute your case in the Discord server will be futile as your argument will be lost and or not treated as an official dispute.

  4. Do not post unwelcomed content
    Do not spam or post any content deemed NSFW
    "Unwelcomed Content" - Any content that is not allowed to be be shared or posted in this server.
    "NSFW" - (Not safe for work) Content that contains nudity, pornography, or profanity, which a reasonable viewer may not want to be seen accessing in a public or formal setting such as in a workplace

  5. Do not add spammy songs to the MusicBot queue

Ingame Rules:

  1. Do your job and follow your objective
  2. Don't troll or be an asshole
  3. Do not spam the chat
  4. Do not attempt to crash the server intentionally
  5. Do not impersonate administrators or other players
  6. Do not use exploits or glitches
  7. Speak English only

Forum Rules:

  1. Respect the staff
  2. Do not spam
  3. Always use [NSFW] tags for anything that is remotely NSFW
  4. No porn or explicit content
  5. Do not post anything that is illegal

Appeal and Complaint Rules:

  1. Use the given format
  2. If your appeal is simply flaming then your appeal will be closed immediately
  3. Do not attempt to go around the banning admin to get unbanned
  4. Post evidence to support your claim

These rules are reviewed and supported by: